Wedding Tip - It's All About The Music

Without a doubt the most important part of the wedding reception is the music... some may debate that the food and alcohol is right up there in importance.

The wedding music WILL set the tone of your reception from the time your guests walk in to the time your guests leave. With the right DJ entertainment, ONE great song can make you dance or sing or laugh or cry.... with ONE bad song your guests may want to just leave!

The song selections for the reception should reflect the tastes, feelings and personalities of the Bride and Groom. However, be sure to keep in mind the general musical styles that will insure a memorable experience for all your wedding guests.

Unlike many DJ services, Atmosphere Productions allows our clients to select ALL or some of the music for your wedding reception (Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Dancing). You get to customize your reception the way YOU want it and we'll use our expertise to program the music to get the best impact.

Here are some guidelines:
  • Try not to select ALL the music from one genre - a variety of musical styles will ensure a successful reception.
  • Listen to the radio or visit our web site Top Hits page for a list of the most recently requested selections. Visit our Client Area and download our specific Bridal Song List and Top 100 Request.
  • Pick as many songs as you like - we play an average of 14 songs per hour. We cannot guarantee that all selections will be played but the list will give us a good idea of your tastes.
  • If you have a specific wedding theme (for example medieval, beach, tropical, Asian or Italian) you should choose music to match.
  • Songs with explicit lyrics will NOT be played.
Always ensure that you have given clear instructions to your DJ, so that we both know what music is being played at what time during your wedding day.

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