September 5th - Cliff & Judy

As much as I must admit that I do enjoy providing entertainment for wedding receptions, it's always a pleasure doing something a little different. So when I get a call from past clients Alison and Jeff (November 20th, 1999), I jumped at the chance to take care of Alison's parents Judy and Cliff's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Judy and Cliff were also excited and wrote "We are thrilled that our kids are using you again as we were so impressed with Alison and Jeff's wedding reception that you did."

Since this was no surprise party, Judy and Cliff sent along a list of there favorite song selections. This was a great chance to play a lot of different music.

Alison and Jeff and there families had the event well organized and coordinated every detail with me in advance. On the night everything went as planned, with a video presentation as guests walked in and a scavenger hunt during the Cocktail Hour. After a "This Is Your Life" review of the past 50 years and future plans, Judy and Cliff were introduced with much fanfare and applause.

After Dinner and dessert Judy and Cliff started the dancing with there wedding from from 50 years ago Johnny Mathis - Small World. From that point onwards it was one BIG party.... and I'm not sure that Judy ever left the dance floor all night.

Here are some of there favorites:
Glenn Miller - In The Mood & String Of Pearls
Frank Sinatra - Three Coins In The Fountain
Bill Withers - Lean On Me
Neil Diamond - September Morn
Abba - Mama Mia
Beatles - Yesterday & Hey Jude
Beach Boys - Surfin' USA
Danny & The Juniors - Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay
Buster Poindexter - Hot, Hot, Hot
Three Dog Night - Joy To The World
Chicago - Your The Inspiration
Dionne & Friends - That's What Friends Are For

Alison and Jeff wrote:
"Thanks for a wonderful party! Everyone just raved about the DJ and music! Thanks....... 10 years after our wedding we still hear it was the best wedding and best music that anyone has heard and we all been to a lot of weddings since 1999. Thanks again. I enjoyed reading the blog. My parents were both very happy the next morning and my Mom showed no signs of even being a little bit tired. She wanted dancing, so we got the best for her. Her friends called the next day and those who did not dance even commented on how nice the selection of music was and that you could still talk while it played. Thanks again."

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