Wedding Tip - Toast Etiquette

Public speaking is a common fear among people but wedding entertainers, DJ & MC's handle this situation all the time. We've seen hundreds of toasts and speeches, so if your planning to speak at one of ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS upcoming weddings as a Bestman, Maid/Matron of Honor, Parent or friend, then these suggestions may help you:

The Blessing/Grace, Toasts and Speeches should be conducted in a manner befitting the occasion. Therefore, we will prompt the person speaking in advance so that they will be prepared to use our wireless microphone system. Due to the nature of the situation, only persons indicated on the Bridal Planner will be asked to speak. Any last minute changes will be cleared with the BRIDE & GROOM first.

Please be aware that ALL Toasts and Speeches are conducted NEXT to the Bride & Groom. So please stand next to our guests of honor while using the wireless microphone. DO NOT walk up to the DJ area - It will be stationed at the BRIDE & GROOM's table.

You may be nervous, so be prepared. Practice ahead of time or have something written down. Try to have your sentiments come "from the heart" as opposed to a wedding website... it will really make a difference.... the guests really want you to succeed.

ALWAYS compliment BOTH the Bride & Groom. You would not believe how many Bestman's Toasts completely ignore the Bride.....

When Toasts or Speeches are completed it is customary to end with "Cheers.... to the Bride & Groom" or "And now let's raise our glasses to the Bride & Groom". This gives a CLEAR indication that the Toast or Speech is over.

  • Keep the microphone about 1" away from your mouth at all times.
  • There's no need to hit the microphone it will already be ON .
  • All you need to do is pick it up and talk. There's no need to do a microphone sound check "test".
  • When you are done with your toast/speech, simply put the microphone back down where you found it. DO NOT walk it back to the DJ area.
  • DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS or cough into microphone other guests may have to use the equipment.

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