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Gone are the days when numbers were the only way to designate tables at a wedding reception or bridal shower. Table names are now the way to go. They serve the purpose but are far more imaginative. Meaningful, clever, personal, they immediately engage the guests in conversation.

This is a great idea if you have a lot of guests that are from out of town or have never met each other. Named tables add a bit more atmosphere and are useful if you are worried about guests being offended about not being seated on “Table 1”. Naming tables is a great way for a more personal touch for your wedding, and guests will love the extra attention to detail.  

Stuck on where to start? Here are some great suggestions:
  • Cities/Counties/Places you and your fiancĂ© have visited
  • Colors related to your theme
  • Famous couples
  • Wine/Vineyards/Cocktails
  • A phrase in different languages, such as “I Love You”
  • Sports/Hobbies
  • Trees/Flowers
  • Gemstones
  • Constellations
  • Sweets/Candies
  • Dances
  • Songs/Bands
  • Actor/Films/TV programs you both love
  • Animals
  • Disney Characters
  • Cars
  • Favorite restaurants
  • Make a reference to where you met or your first date
  • Words that sum up your relationship (love, happiness, mystery, etc.)
  • Places you will visit on your honeymoon
Take inspiration from the season you are getting married (i.e. fall, how about pumpkin, cider, apples; winter – snow, icicle, skating, hot cocoa).  Take inspiration from your venue, having it at a castle?  How about amazing castles in Ireland or Scotland? You might even choose something related to the number of tables you have, say the 7 Dwarfs for the 7 tables!

Another suggestion that we love, that is sure to spark conversation, is having a picture of the bride or groom at the appropriate age (i.e. table 1, you are one years old).  Family will eat up the chance to talk about when you were a little kid, and your friends will giggle at your silly clothes!

Keep in mind that if you do not number your tables, a lot of reception sites may ‘frown’ upon this and that is okay.  As long as they have enough notice, they should be able to handle the change.  We recommend having your wedding coordinator work with the reception location to ensure a seamless transition from the number to the names.  Also a pre-wedding final meeting is helpful to discuss how table 10 will now be Wainapanapa Beach, where your soon-to-be husband proposed!

If you decide to go the table name route, be sure to have a seating chart (map) of where the tables are located so your guests aren’t wandering.  We recommend placing it on an easel right by the escort cards.  Make sure the seating chart is large enough for all your guests to read.  We suggest nothing smaller than size 14 font.  If you’d like you can forgo the escort cards and have the guests names printed right on the seating chart. Your coordinator should be well versed on where each table is so she can assist your guests with finding their seat.

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