Atmosphere Productions: Making An Investment In A True Professional DJ

Many engaged couples question the expense of a CT wedding DJ.

Some decide to cut wedding costs by hiring an amateur DJ, a friend, or even plugging in their own iPod for a “D.I.Y wedding”.

With over 35 years in the wedding, event and music business Atmosphere Productions is here to warn you that a “D.I.Y wedding” comes with its own a price tag – one that we think is far more costly than making an investment in a true professional DJ.

1.  Your Master Of Ceremony:
Most forget that a professional DJ is not (and should not) only be there to play music.  The DJ must also act as the wedding’s official Master Of Ceremony, helping to direct the flow of events and orchestrate important moments, like the newlyweds’ entrance, the First Dance, the Toasts and Speeches, the Cake Cutting and any other traditions.  Atmosphere Productions is great at directing the event timeline, prompting you, photographer and facility so that we are all on the same page AND making sure it all flows seamlessly with the right music.  Listen to our introductions.
NOTE: If you book your event at a venue that comes with an onsite coordinator, please remember that they will be busy executing the behind-the-scenes activities FOR THE FACILITY.

2. Correctly Mixing The Music:
A professional DJ is also experienced at reading and pleasing the crowd. They’ll know the right songs to play at the right time – and in the right order – to keep everyone on the dance floor throughout the evening. Not only will Atmosphere Productions have the right songs from our vast library but we are experts at mixing songs to transition smoothly so that we keep the energy UP and avoid awkward silences. As you may have experienced first-hand, we can truly make or break the dance party, so if that is important to you, investing in a true professional DJ is a must!

3. Quality Sound:
Sound quality is one of the most important aspects of wedding reception entertainment. Remember, that a DJ who charges less most likely has invested less into their equipment, giving you inferior sound - you get what you pay for! Professionals will also have back-up equipment on-site in case something goes wrong, like a blown speaker. A professional DJ will have top-of-the-line or professional grade equipment to create great, clear sound no matter the venue. Atmosphere Productions is product to showcase our equipment on our website.

4. Lighting Makes The Difference:
Some professional DJ companies also offer lighting services that bring an unmatched level of ambiance to your event and really wow the audience.  Atmosphere Productions will highlight your facilities decor and incorporate your color scheme into the reception design.  We will create a visual impact for your guests and most importantly for your photographer to take some amazing pictures... YES lighting does make the difference.

4. What To Expect - Elegance, Class and Style:
A professional DJ should be well versed in wedding etiquette. They’ll arrive hours early to set up and test the sound system.  They will dress well and represent YOU to your family, friends and guests throughout your event.  We'll adhere to your “do not play” and “must play” song lists. We'll meet with you before the big day to get a feel for your tastes so he is able to anticipate your needs at your reception.  Atmosphere Productions will produce your reception the way YOU want, with elegance, style, class and most of all, make sure that everyone has a FUN and unforgettable evening.

Over 80% of wedding guests say the thing they remember most from a reception is the entertainment, so it’s certainly worth investing in!

Atmosphere Productions LLC is a CT Wedding DJ, providing professional mobile entertainment service, Music, Reception Entertainment Directors, MC and DJ's primarily for Weddings in the Greater Hartford area but throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and in the New England area.

Specializing in wedding disc jockey entertainment, radio and club dj's, corporate and business events, photo booth rentals, ceremony musicians, strolling violinist, guitarist, cocktail and chamber musicians, custom lighting, custom song editing and voice-over services.

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