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Don’t Let Wedding Entertainment Be An Afterthought.

I just finished flipping through a bridal magazine (that shall remain nameless), showcasing beautiful brides and how their special day went.

Above all, the weather was fabulous. Their makeup was divine. The Celebrant was passionate about the joining of the happy couples. Flowers were fresh and delightful. The reception venue was breathtaking. Table decorations were spectacular. By the way, the meal was to die for and the cake was scrumptious.

However, of the six brides, only one made mention of her entertainment.

In addition, only three pages discussed entertainment. And of those three pages, one was an editorial leaving the other two to promote local soloists, bands and DJs.

The Life Of The Party IS Music

Many bridal magazines, do a disservice by not showcasing the dancing and special events in their publications.

On your wedding day, you should know that music is such a powerful yet delicate tool. Accordingly, that music, binds all the previous ingredients of the day together to create that lifetime event that lives in the memories of those present for years to come.

Music, be it live or from a DJ should not be an afterthought.

Couples…. don’t be content to take what is left, or resort to that Spotify playlist with a pair of speakers. You didn’t settle for seconds when it came to choosing your dress, your makeup, your shoes, your cake or the many other things that make up your special day.

Make Your Wedding Music Special With A Professional

Your wedding day music needs to adapt to the mood and atmosphere of the evening. Therefore, it should accentuate the emotions of the day well into the night, something a streaming playlist cannot do… a professional entertainer can… and will.

A professional entertainer will work with you, to get to know you. Consequently, their vast knowledge of music and their talent to read a crowd, will please everyone from young to old, college friends to work colleagues.

Incidentally, if in doubt ask questions. Ask for referrals. Who has your venue seen entertain? What entertainers work best at what venues? Can they play music for the Ceremony and Cocktail Hour?

Entertainers, like ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS enjoy what they do. They don’t sit in the corner with a finger on the play button, or let their drum machine play centre stage. They want and desire to make your event a success.

After all, entertainers know that they are only as good as their last event.

NOW take the time to talk with your entertainer on how to make your special day spectacular!


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Don't Let Wedding Entertainment Be An Afterthought.

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