Wedding Tip - Reception Room Set-up

The location of the entertainment in relation to the dance floor and your guests at any event is a crucial element. It has occurred to me that with over thirty years of performance experience not once has a banquet facility ever requested input when constructing or remodeling a wedding reception ballroom... in fact, in my experience, I know of NO professional DJ who has....

How is this possible, when we are the ones providing the sound that will fill that ballroom? Who knows.....

Each ballroom has it's own acoustic imprint which will either give great sound or not. We do a lot more than just set-up the equipment and play the music. Sometimes we can electronically correct the sound - often times it's totally out of our control.

Architect's and designers have built some of the most acoustically bad ballrooms and banquet facilities that I have ever seen.... and many of them are right here in Connecticut.... This does not even include rooms that have been converted from its original purpose into a "ballroom".

Now that you know that each room "sounds" different, it's important that, for a wedding reception, the entertainment should NOT be crammed into a back corner or in a location disjointed from the dance floor.

A good rule of thumb is to place the entertainment right on the dance floor. This allows the entertainment to see and communicate with all guests and quickly react when reading the crowd. We do recommend that the music levels should be concentrated on the dance floor for the comfort of your guests and for the total enjoyment of the reception.

Your input to the banquet facility and it's staff is essential. When you complete the facility ballroom floor plan and seating arrangements, it is crucial that you consider the location of the entertainment system (i.e. speakers), in relation to your guests (i.e. older family members). If you like, send us a copy for review BEFORE you submit it or give us a call.... we are here to help and as you can see we are not "just the DJ".

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