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Photo Booths have become an exciting addition to recent wedding receptions in the New England area.  The modern concept of photo booth with a curtain, screen or other material covering the background and entrance originated in 1925 but became wildly popular in the 50's & 60's.  Today the vast majority of photo booths are digital and in color, although black & white is still offered.

The photo booth both creates and captures memories and, in turn, produces a lot of joy.  Young people obviously have a lot of fun with it, but many people remember piling in the photo booth at the boardwalk when they were kids.  It’s evokes a wonderful nostalgia for them.

Are all Wedding Photo Booths the same?  Many of our clients are finding out that they are not!

We work exclusively with Geoff Gordon of Photobooth Planet , who use a custom designed booth that is beautiful in elegance and authentic in design and craftsmanship which stays true to the iconic look of vintage booths.  These booths employ modern materials with custom software and hardware internals to deliver the best photo booth experience possible.  We have found nothing that compares. 

We asked Geoff for some tips and why his photo booths stand out from the rest:

Our booths were designed and fabricated with weddings in mind.  They both preserve the authenticity and mystery of classic American photo booths, but with an understated, elegant feel that complements wedding décor.  Using the latest in digital photographic technology our booths quickly print out duplicate, high-resolution, glossy photo strips for the guests.  The first thing guests comment on is the quality of the photos.  They are never going to look better than they will at your wedding – they’re thrilled to have unlimited access to high quality photo strips with you, their friends, and their family.

Because we print out duplicate strips, the guests keep theirs as a wedding favor and the other goes into a photo guest book that our attendant assembles right there on site.  Guests are encouraged to put thoughtful, witty, meaningful messages (no pressure!) in the guest book.  The couple getting married receive a beautiful album at the end of the night along with a CD with all the images that were taken during the reception. 

Packages include everything you need for an amazing event. 4-hours of unlimited photos, a professional attendant on-site for the duration of the rental, guest book plus a CD of all photos from the event.  Special discount packages are available when you book Atmosphere Productions and a Photobooth Planet package.  Contact us for details.

Geoff's Top 10 photo booth suggestions for your reception:

  1. Have the photo booth available starting with the cocktail hour.  Guests are often looking for something to do, and the curiosity factor is high.  
  2. If possible keep the photo booth as close to the action as possible.  You want the guest book to be full and your guests to go home with a stack of photo-strips.  The closer the booth is to the bar or to the dance floor the more use it will get.
  3. Think through beforehand who you want to get in the booth with at your reception.  You’d be surprised how many brides and grooms almost forget to go in the booth at all because there is so much going on.  Our photo booth attendants try to make sure that, at the very least, the happy couple gets in the photo booth together.  It is meaningful to have each get pictures with their parents if possible.
  4. If you are picking out your own album for a photo guest book, I recommend using one with black pages – at least 20 of them.  The photo strips and the metallic gel pens we use for messages look fantastic on black pages.
  5. If you are using the photo-strips as your primary wedding favor, consider having the strip customized to include your names and the date – or a special message.
  6. Tailor the photo strips to fit with the mood you are trying to set with your wedding.  Color strips look great at any wedding, but we can also make them black and white, or sepia tone for a classic or retro touch. 
  7. To take your photo-strip wedding favors to the next level, place  2”x6” acrylic, photo-strip frames at each place setting or some other style of 2”x6” frame.
  8. At the end of the evening, all the images will be placed on a CD to be used however you see fit.  Consider projecting them onto a screen with an LCD projector for all to see toward the end of the reception.
  9. Consider using the jpgs on the CD to have duplicates of the photo-strips printed out later to be included with thank you notes, birthday cards, holiday cards, etc. 
  10. A word to the wise if you shop around: make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Some of the photo booth companies out there basically assemble a "photo-tent" at your reception with pipes and curtains. Not my cup of tea, but some people don't seem to mind. If the look of the booth matters to you, just ask to see a picture of the booth that will be at your reception. Also make sure to ask for a sample of the photo strips to assess quality.

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