What Do They Have To Say About Hiring A Professional?

The following quotes are excerpts from an article published by Mobile Beat Magazine - a national trade publication about the importance of hiring a professional entertainer for your event:

"We paid $1,200 for an ice sculpture and had a family friend DJ our wedding.  The ice sculpture eventually melted and our so-called friend never showed up.  Had it not been for a DJ wrapping up a party in the adjacent room (who we hired on the spot), we would have had no music at all!"

"We had a friend-of-a-friend DJ our wedding for $250.  He was late and had equipment problems.  In hindsight, we should have done the same thing we did with our photographer and caterer - hire a professional!"

"My cousin was supposed to DJ at my wedding.  I think he would have done a great job if he hadn't "flaked out" on us at the last minute.  He decided to go to the Warp Tour concert instead.  We had to scramble, but eventually found a professional DJ.  We had a great wedding after all."

"We decided to save some money and hook up an IPod through a speaker system.  A lot of people complained about not being able to make requests, and the IPod kept resetting itself or something.  My husband had to keep going over to fix it.  It was embarrassing.  And we forgot all about a microphone for announcements.  We winged it!"

"A friend turned us on to this guy who was half the price of DJs out of the phone book.  We thought this was great!  The only problem was he would never return our calls.  About two weeks before the wedding, his cell phone was no longer working.  We had to hire another company, and lost $100 on the first guy whom we have still never heard from!"

"Oh my God!  Our DJ was the worst.  He was a friend of my maid of honor.  She said he was good so I hired him.  Though the music was decent, everybody hated him.  He was obnoxious and rude on the microphone.  I guess he thought his jokes were funny, but this was MY wedding!  My husband asked him to stop talking.  We should have hired the DJ my sister had at her wedding.  He was very professional!"

"I was forewarned about hiring friends to handle important matters at my wedding.  I really didn't think the music was a bid deal.  It was one of those things that I thought just kinda took care of itself.  My friend was nice but was clueless about announcements and activities.  He didn't have a lot of music either.  My wedding was great... my DJ was just so-so!"
"We didn't budget for a DJ so a family friend did it for us as a wedding present.  There were a lot of problems with the music and not many people danced.  If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely budget for a DJ."

Why take the risk.... Hire a professional and pay what they are worth.

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