Atmosphere Productions: Bridesmaid's Dresses - 5 Tips That Won't Miss

Picking out the perfect bridal gown is tough. Picking out the perfect bridesmaid’s dress for your six closest friends? Easy. Unless you want to please everyone. In that case, it’s only slightly more challenging than negotiating a nuclear arms treaty.

Picking a bridal gown is like driving a bus—one person, the bride, is in the driver’s seat. People come along for the ride, but they don’t have a say about where things are going. Picking a bridesmaid’s dress is more like driving a taxi; there’s one person behind the wheel, but the passengers have a lot more to say about the destination.  Here are some tips from former brides and bridesmaids on choosing a dress your bridesmaids will want to say “yes” to:

Don’t play with matches. The days when bridesmaids had to match from head to toe are emphatically over. Even if you want matching dresses, letting your bridesmaids choose their own shoes, jewelry and hairstyle will allow their individuality to shine through without disrupting the cohesiveness of the look.

Put down the bridal magazine. It’s no longer the only place to look for bridesmaid dresses. Many clothing retailers now have elegant dresses that can easily double as bridesmaid wear. Often less expensive, these dresses may also be better-constructed because the manufacturer is not producing them for one-time wear.

Black is back.  For evening or formal weddings, consider a simple black sheath, sleeveless or with cap sleeves, as a bridesmaid dress. Not only is this something that can almost certainly be worn again, but your bridesmaids’ bouquets will look dramatic against the dark backdrop, and this simple style flatters many figures. Speaking of which…

Pay attention to body language.  If one or more of your bridesmaids express particular concern about finding a flattering dress, consider enlisting them more closely in the selection process. If they can help you find a dress that looks good on your hardest-to-fit bridesmaid, it will almost certainly look good on the others as well.

Don’t play with matches (Part II).  It may be too hard to find one dress style that looks good on everyone. Consider a dress line that has several complementary styles in the same color. As long as the lengths are similar, your bridesmaids will look unified without looking identical.

And if imagining the smiles on your best friends’ faces when you choose a great bridesmaid dress isn’t motivation enough, remember: these are the women who decide how embarrassing your bachelorette party is going to be!

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