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A Special Thank You

During this Holiday Season, our thoughts turn to those who have made our year such a success. We, at ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS, would like to extend seasons greetings and our sincere THANKS for your business. We appreciate your support and wish you and yours the very best for this Holiday Season. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Festivus and Feliz Navidad...... did I miss any! Copyright © 2009 Atmosphere Productions™ LLC , All Rights Reserved. Become a fan on Facebook

Upcoming Bridal Shows

Here is a list of upcoming Bridal Show events. At some of these Atmosphere Productions will be attending in conjunction with The DJ Network: Jan 3, 2010 - Aqua Turf Bridal Show , Plantsville, CT (with DJ Network) Jan 9, 10, 2010 - Springfield Bridal Expo - Big E - West Springfield, MA Jan 9, 10, 2010 - Worcester Bridal Expo - DCU, Worcester, MA Jan 10, 2010 - Newport Wedding Showcase - The Hotel Viking, Newport, RI (with DJ Network) Jan 16, 17, 2010 - Connecticut Bridal Expo - CT Expo Center, Hartford, CT (with DJ Network) Jan 23, 24, 2010 - Baystate Bridal Expo - Bayside Expo Center, Boston, MA Feb 7, 2010 - Saint Clements Castle Bridal Showcase - Portland, CT Feb 14, 2010 - Harford Bridal Expo - XL Center, Hartford, CT Mar 7, 2010 - Western New England Bridal Show – MassMutual Center, Springfield, MA (with DJ Network) If you would like to meet please feel free to visit, but we may not be able to discuss your specific wedding plans in detail due to the nature

Angela & Rob - December 5th

"Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!"... and so it did on this early Winter evening in Connecticut. But that didn't stop Angela & Rob from having a party that family and friends will remember for years to come. Angela & Rob added their unique touch by having the First Dance after Introductions, then going into the Cake Cutting, thus saving time and opening up the dance floor for dancing throughout dinner. The Father Daughter Dance featured a rare original to these ears - Joan Baez - "Forever Young". Family and friends packed the dance floor all night with some of Rob & Angela's favorites: Tom Petty - King's Highway Billy Joel - Downeaster Alexa Dolly Parton & Rod Stewart - Baby, It's Cold Outside McCoys - Hang On Sloopy James Taylor & Ray Charles - Sweet Potato Pie Violent Femmes - Blister In The Sun Cake - The Distance Van Halen - Jump! Wallflowers - One Headlight and the evenings highlight: "Sweet Carol

Wedding Tip - Sound For Your Outdoor Ceremony

Continuing the trend of outdoor ceremonies, 2010 is shaping up to be another year in which prospective Bride & Groom's are forging their own direction in customized weddings. Having an outdoor ceremony provides a more relaxed setting and circumvents many of the time restraints involved in a church ceremony but still accomplishing some of the religious aspects. One overlooked part of the outdoor ceremony is the sound.... or lack thereof. Whilst having an outdoor ceremony may be romantic; the fact that your guests did not hear a word of those beautiful vows makes the whole event somewhat lacking. It is critically important that your outdoor ceremony have reliable sound reinforcement that allows ALL your guests to hear the officiant and the Bride & Groom. Remember, depending on the location, outdoor events are at the mercy of the elements, birds, passing vehicles and a myriad of other distractions. We recommend that at least a lapel microphone attached to the officiant s

Wedding Tip - Toast Etiquette

Public speaking is a common fear among people but wedding entertainers, DJ & MC's handle this situation all the time. We've seen hundreds of toasts and speeches, so if your planning to speak at one of ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS upcoming weddings as a Bestman, Maid/Matron of Honor, Parent or friend, then these suggestions may help you: The Blessing/Grace, Toasts and Speeches should be conducted in a manner befitting the occasion. Therefore, we will prompt the person speaking in advance so that they will be prepared to use our wireless microphone system. Due to the nature of the situation, only persons indicated on the Bridal Planner will be asked to speak. Any last minute changes will be cleared with the BRIDE & GROOM first. Please be aware that ALL Toasts and Speeches are conducted NEXT to the Bride & Groom. So please stand next to our guests of honor while using the wireless microphone. DO NOT walk up to the DJ area - It will be stationed at the BRIDE & GR

Makayla & Nathan - November 14th

As the 2009 wedding season comes to a close, it was nice to venture out of Connecticut to Newport, Rhode Island for Makayla & Nathan's wedding. Located in the historic section of Newport, the Kay Chapel and Hotel Viking provided a truly romantic setting for a wedding. The Ceremony took place in the turn of the century chapel with music & microphones discreetly provided by Atmosphere Productions. Makayla & Nathan's choice of The Archies - "Sugar, Sugar" for the Recessional, brought a few smiles and added a more personal touch to the Ceremony. Linda Ferguson and the staff did a fantastic job coordinating and shuttling guests back for the Cocktail Hour and then Dinner in the Bellevue Ballroom. Makayla & Nathan's First Dance was an exclusive Custom Edit that we created of Boston's "Livin' For You" & The Beatles "With A Little Help From My Friends", to which the Bridal Party joined them on the dance floor. During

Wedding Tip - Reception Room Set-up

The location of the entertainment in relation to the dance floor and your guests at any event is a crucial element. It has occurred to me that with over thirty years of performance experience not once has a banquet facility ever requested input when constructing or remodeling a wedding reception ballroom... in fact, in my experience, I know of NO professional DJ who has.... How is this possible, when we are the ones providing the sound that will fill that ballroom? Who knows..... Each ballroom has it's own acoustic imprint which will either give great sound or not. We do a lot more than just set-up the equipment and play the music. Sometimes we can electronically correct the sound - often times it's totally out of our control. Architect's and designers have built some of the most acoustically bad ballrooms and banquet facilities that I have ever seen.... and many of them are right here in Connecticut.... This does not even include rooms that have been converted from

Top First Dances Requests

As the wedding season comes to a close for 2009, we reflect back on the most recent popular First Dance requests. Here's a selection: Colbie Caillat - Bubly Jack Johnson - Better Together Carrie Underwood - I'll Stand By You Etta James - At Last Michael Buble - Everything Lifehouse - You & Me Joshua Kadison - Beautiful In Your Eyes Beatles - In My Life Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Big & Rich - Lost In This Moment Rascal Flatts - My Wish Al Green - Lets Stay Together Elton John - Your Song Copyright © 2009 Atmosphere Productions™ LLC , All Rights Reserved. Become a fan on Facebook

Upcoming Bridal Shows

Here is a list of upcoming Bridal Show events. At some of these Atmosphere Productions will be attending in conjunction with The DJ Network: Nov 7, 8 2009 - The Original Wedding Expo - Twin River Events Center, Lincoln, RI Nov 15, 2009 - The Original Wedding Expo - Sheraton Braintree Hotel, Braintree, MA Nov 15, 2009 - Sheraton Bradley Bridal Expo - Sheraton, Windsor Locks, CT Nov 15, 2009 - Western New England Bridal Show - MassMutual Center, Springfield, MA (with DJ Network) If you would like to meet please feel free to visit, but we may not be able to discuss your specific wedding plans in detail due to the nature of these events. Different DJ's will be at selected locations, so contact us BEFORE each event, if you wish to meet with a specific DJ. **NOTE: each event is subject to change without prior notice - contact us before making plans to attend** Copyright © 2009 Atmosphere Productions™ LLC , All Rights Reserved. Become a fan on Facebook

Heather & Will - October 12th

Monday weddings are few and far between. Even though it was Columbus Day it was still nice to have a Monday afternoon wedding. Better still the Ceremony was outside at one of our top facilities - St. Clements Castle in the Sunken Garden. Heather & Will had selected to have our violinist Ben provide acoustic Ceremony music. It was truly a beautiful sight to see as Heather made her processional, the violin played and the sun shone. After the Ceremony, the guests made there way to the Waterford Room and we had our strolling violinist Ben taking care of Cocktail Hour music. Ben was really in his element strolling through the guests whilst playing and taking requests. After introductions and dinner we had the pleasure of working with local band The Shiny Lapel Trio who are nationally renowned for there Kohls ad . These guys are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. We coordinated so that we did not duplicate music within the bands sets. Some of the selections pl

Wedding Tip - Planning Forms

It's Fall foliage time.... it is the most beautiful time of the year!!! While your watching the leaves fall you can start compiling your bridal information and complete the Bridal Party Introductions Forms sent to you when you originally booked with us (additional printed forms available for download from our website): or complete the Online Form when your ready to submit your information. Your forms and any song lists should be mailed or faxed back to us at least 30 days prior to your wedding date. IMPORTANT: If you have difficulty completing any information call us at this time to go over any details. If you have a quick question or would like to just review your wedding day plans with us, please feel free to call or e-mail. Most questions can be answered directly on the telephone. Many informative tips and suggestions can be found in our current Newsletter - available FREE and online: http://www.atmosphere-productio

Bridal Show

Sunday September 20th, saw our first Bridal Show of the season. In association with The DJ Network we ventured down to The Providence Biltmore Hotel . The beautiful weather and downtown location did not keep the potential Brides away, in fact, we were encouraged to be able to discuss future plans with so many. One of the highlights was everyone stopping by our booth to have there picture taken in our Photobooth . If your planning to attend a Bridal Show here's a comprehensive listing . Best wishes to all those getting married and we hope to see you at the next bridal show. Copyright © 2009 Atmosphere Productions™ LLC , All Rights Reserved. Become a fan on Facebook

Courtney & Will - Sept 19th

Well it appears as if Courtney & William might have just masterminded the most beautiful day of the year for an outdoor Ceremony and a outdoor tented reception. Without a cloud in the sky, the picture perfect day started with a non traditional Ceremony outside at the gazebo at Courtney's parents home. At Courtney's urging the Justice of the Peace Steven Mitchell moved the entire Ceremony along at a brisk pace and the vows done in minutes. After the Ceremony, Cocktails took place inside and outside the massive 100x40 white tent with passed Hors'Dourves. We played an upbeat mix of selections ranging from Bob Marley to Jason Mraz to Jack Johnson and Frank Sinatra. Many of the attending guests commented on how well the music selections complemented the weather. After Introductions, and a heartfelt welcome speech from the Father of the Bride Angelo, dinner was served by Lizanne Searing and Taking Care Of Tummies with a stunning array of traditional catered and BBQ fo

September 5th - Cliff & Judy

As much as I must admit that I do enjoy providing entertainment for wedding receptions, it's always a pleasure doing something a little different. So when I get a call from past clients Alison and Jeff (November 20th, 1999), I jumped at the chance to take care of Alison's parents Judy and Cliff's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Judy and Cliff were also excited and wrote "We are thrilled that our kids are using you again as we were so impressed with Alison and Jeff's wedding reception that you did." Since this was no surprise party, Judy and Cliff sent along a list of there favorite song selections. This was a great chance to play a lot of different music. Alison and Jeff and there families had the event well organized and coordinated every detail with me in advance. On the night everything went as planned, with a video presentation as guests walked in and a scavenger hunt during the Cocktail Hour. After a "This Is Your Life" review of the past 50 y

Wedding Tip - Honeymoon

Try to avoid leaving for your honeymoon immediately after the reception. This can invite disappointment since both of you will be extremely exhausted right after the wedding. Give yourselves a day or two to open gifts, sleep late and slow down from the stress and pressure of your wedding day. Plus, you don't need the added burden of packing for your honeymoon before your wedding. That can be done after the big day. And of course remember to enjoy your HONEYMOON! Many informative tips and suggestions can be found in our current Newsletter - available FREE and online. Copyright © 2009 Atmosphere Productions™ LLC , All Rights Reserved. Become a fan on Facebook

Melissa & Michael - August 28th

Despite Tropical Depression DANNY casting a rainy shadow on today's event, Michael & Melissa seemed to take everything in stride. Maybe it was because they had the foresight to have quality professionals like The Bond Ballroom , Brian Ambrose Photography and Atmosphere Productions handling every aspect of the reception. The Bond Ballroom is another facility that is a firm favorite of ours. With a downtown urban location overlooking Bushnell Park from the 11th Floor and a classic elegant interior decor with a 12th Floor balcony, it truly is a breathtaking. Elli and the staff, as usual, do an outstanding job making sure everything is just right. Brian Ambrose Photography is a long time friend and associate of ours. Along with being one of our top recommended photographers, Brian & Kate are great to work with and know how to capture the event with flare and style. Michael & Melissa also decided to pick all the songs for the reception. They picked a nice mix for fr

It Was 32 Years Ago.... Elvis Remembered

I remember that night very well on a hot August night in 1977 when over the distant crackle of Medium Wave radio: "This is Radio Luxembourg - From Fleet Street 208 Daily Mirror News - We've just had reports confirming the death of Elvis Presley, who died in Memphis at the age of 42." So reported DJ Tony Prince on the 11pm news on 208 Radio Luxembourg , who then went on to play commercial free Elvis songs for the rest of the night - unprecedented at that time. It's hard to believe that it was 32 years ago. It was just one of those moments in time that will stay with me forever and is part of my collection of classic radio shows. The iconic status that Elvis achieved in his lifetime coupled with a sudden and relatively early death cemented his position as one of the most famous rock stars ever. His life and times have been documented well and his spirit still lives in his music, a permanent statue at Madame Tussauds and the lucrative impersonation industry. Here

Wedding Tip - It's All About The Music

Without a doubt the most important part of the wedding reception is the music... some may debate that the food and alcohol is right up there in importance. The wedding music WILL set the tone of your reception from the time your guests walk in to the time your guests leave. With the right DJ entertainment, ONE great song can make you dance or sing or laugh or cry.... with ONE bad song your guests may want to just leave! The song selections for the reception should reflect the tastes, feelings and personalities of the Bride and Groom. However, be sure to keep in mind the general musical styles that will insure a memorable experience for all your wedding guests. Unlike many DJ services, Atmosphere Productions allows our clients to select ALL or some of the music for your wedding reception (Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Dancing). You get to customize your reception the way YOU want it and we'll use our expertise to program the music to get the best impact. Here are som

Ashley & Joe - July 31st

Another busy weekend of wedding receptions. The standout was Friday night at The Farmington Club for the Killingbeck reception. This was a little deja vu: On September 29th, 2006, I had the pleasure of planning and performing at the Devyn Killingbeck & Drew Bryson wedding reception. Such a great time was had by one and all, that the Killingbeck family invited me back for Ashley's marriage to Joe. Also, invited back for the second time was photographer Debbie Corrigan and videographer Fran Gagnon . We all appreciate the wonderful confidence entrusted to us by the families - nothing says more about our services that repeat business. Added to the mix was Jeff from Photo Booth Planet with the most authentic Photo Booths in New England - no fake wooden or pipe and drape knock-off - this is the real thing. No other Photo Booth compares. The Farmington Club , maintained the high standards of quality that they are known for, with a beautiful room setting, excellent food se

Wedding Tip - Bridal Party Introductions

The introduction of the Grandparents, Parents, Usher, Bridesmaid, Best Man, Maid/Matron of Honor and the Bride & Groom is an essential part of any traditional wedding reception. But, todays couples are always looking for unique or different elements to make their day stand out. I recently came across this video on youtube. This is a video of the Bridal Party making their entrance into the church prior to the ceremony. Although not a video of a traditional reception introduction it does show how unique ideas translate with todays couples: Atmosphere Productions has a wealth of suggestions and ideas for your introductions.... and we are always open to new ideas. Here are some options: Traditional Introductions: Include announcements of Grandparents, Parents and the entire Bridal Party. Typically one piece of music for the Bridal Party and a different piece for the Bride & Groom. Custom Introductions: Include

Gina & Garrett - July 25th

The Lake of Isles is one of my favorite banquet facilities in Connecticut. The Lake of Isles Pequot Village Ballroom is set in the beautiful countryside of North Stonington, overlooking the stunning Lake of Isles. You could not select a more picturesque location for your wedding ceremony and reception. Director of Catering, Sheila Graham, does an exceptional job planning and coordinating all the special details. Sheila's hard work and dedication to excellence is evident in the quality of each and every event - which is one of the reasons Atmosphere Productions is highly recommended by Lake of Isles. Without exception Gina & Garrett picked one of the best days of July to have an elegant Cocktail Hour outside. They took full advantage of the weather and joined the guests on the Lakefront Deck overlooking the lake. Atmosphere Productions provided our very own Strolling Violinist Ben Dean for live music outside on the deck playing a mix of classical and contemporary sel

Wedding Tip - Invitation Etiquette

Inviting Partners and Guests. If an invited guest is married, engaged or living with a significant other, that partner must be included in the invitation. A single invitation addressed to both individuals should be sent to spouses or couples who live together, while separate invitations should be sent to each member of an engaged or long term couple who don’t live together. Inviting single guests with a date is a thoughtful gesture, but one that is not required. If you are inviting a single guest with a date, try to find out the name of your friend’s intended date and include that person’s name on the invitation. Otherwise, inner envelopes may include “And Guest,” indicating that he or she may bring any chosen escort or friend. To invite or not invite children - this is a situation that can quickly get ugly. Make your decision and stick with it - then inform your guests through carefully addressed invitations. Children over 18 who are invited to the wedding should receive their

Michael Jackson Remembered

I will remember Michael Jackson for his music. As a DJ for over 30 years, his music has been the soundtrack of my life in nightclubs, on radio, at weddings and just about any social event that I've played music. Before, becoming the King of Pop, with releases like "Thriller", "Bad" and "Dangerous", I had the pleasure of seeing The Jacksons in concert on August 15th, 1981 at The Hartford Civic Center (picture). One of the most memorable concerts that I've ever seen, full of pyrotechnics, great music and Michael's signature dance moves. The Michael Jackson Memorial today in LA has reminded me of the wealth of his material. As an example, last weeks official UK Pop Chart on BBC Radio One had no less than 13 Michael Jackson songs in the Top 40. Within the last two weeks many of our clients have been requesting his music. Here are some of the most popular requests played at weddings: Billie Jean Don't Stop Till You Get Enough Beat It

Randie & TJ - July 4th

Randie & TJ celebrated America's Birthday by getting married.... Congratulations!!! Randie & TJ's Ceremony and Reception was held at The Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, CT. The weather remained beautiful for the Ceremony in the Chapel-in-the Pines with Cocktail Hour, Dinner & Dancing in Kay's Pier North. Randie's parents Joe & Susan wanted a party atmosphere so they helped us put together a music list that kept the party going from the very beginning. We opened up the dance floor right after the Blessing & Toast and kept it open thru Dinner. In fact, the dancing never stopped and family and friends had a great time. As a special surprise Randie's father had me create a Custom Song Edit combining elements of the Ceremony & The Bestman's Toast. Here are some of Randie & TJ's favorites and some songs that kept the guests on the dance floor having fun: Soul For Real - Candy Rain Boyz II Men - Motownphilly Next - Wifey Bob Si

Meghan & Alex - July 3rd

Meghan & Alex's wedding reception at the Branford House in Groton, CT on July 3rd was a beautiful and fun evening. The fireworks from across the river added a memorable and festive touch. It was a beautiful evening for the Cocktail Hour outside under the tent and on the beautiful stone patio. Bridal Party Introductions down the staircase leading outside to the dance floor and the First Dance. Dinner and Cake Cutting inside (we set up a remote broadcast speaker system inside for dinner music) and then we took the party outside under the tent. Craig LaPlante from Classic Video Productions presented a slide show and same-day video presentation of the Ceremony. Craig ran the presentation thru our built-in DVD with crystal clear sound via our digital system. Meghan & Alex picked the music that reflected there tastes and spent most of the dancing portion of the night on the dance floor having fun with family and friends -- that's just the way we like it! Here

Have A Great July 4th

Well i've finally made time to start a blog..... and there is no better time than the day we celebrate our FREEDOM..... Welcome and Happy Birthday America. Each year on July 4th Americans celebrate their independence with BBQ, parades, night-time concerts and family gatherings. Some have that patriotic spirit every day of the year. Here are some fun facts you might not know: 30 cities nationwide have "Liberty" in their name. Iowa has more than any other State (Libertyville, New Liberty, North Liberty and West Liberty). 11 cities have "Independence" in their name. The most populous being Independence, MO. 5 places adopted the name "Freedom", such as Freedom, CA with 6,000 residents. There is only 1 city named "Patriot" and it's located in Indiana. Celebrate the patriotic spirit of America by attending a fireworks show to watch the sky sparkle. You can also be one of the more than 66 million Americans who have participated in a BBQ in