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4 Important Tips To Selecting Your CT Wedding DJ.

4 Important Tips To Selecting Your CT Wedding DJ. Trying to find a CT wedding DJ? Shopping for one of the most important events of your life is hard. Atmosphere Productions can make the process easier. Your wedding is not complete with music. Consequently, it’s vital that you pick the right CT wedding DJ. Look for experience, a positive and friendly personality and someone who is going to care about you and your special day. Here’s 4 important tips to selecting your CT wedding DJ: 1. Know The Style Of DJ You Want. Everyone with a laptop and a few MP3’s thinks that they can be a Ct Wedding DJ. The market is flooded. As such, look for a DJ who is conversant with the style of music you expect at your wedding. Is the DJ only a Club DJ? Is the DJ only a Radio DJ? Search for your DJ to be familiar with modern weddings, formal wedding traditions and wedding protocols. So, as you look for a DJ, do google searches like “ct wedding dj”. Select up to 3 that fit your criteria. Then call, email