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Atmosphere Productions: When Hiring A DJ For Your Wedding

What YOU might think you’re paying for: Someone to stand on stage and play music for a few hours….. What YOU are actually paying for:     ✓    An experienced entertainer     ✓    Money back guarantee     ✓    Playing non-stop music for 5-6 hours     ✓    Representing YOU to YOUR family and friends     ✓    Provide an elegant and classy performance     ✓    Not becoming the center of attention     ✓    Engage and entertain YOUR guests     ✓    Work with you to ensure a stress-free and FUN event     ✓    Understand and execute all details correctly     ✓    Music preparation and purchases     ✓    Hours of event set-up and breakdown of quality equipment     ✓    Unlimited hours of event preparation     ✓    Professional development and continuing education     ✓    Professional attire     ✓    Vehicle and transportation fees     ✓    TAXES     ✓    Internet, phone and office expenses     ✓    Bridal shows, marketing and advertising Finally, your paymen