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Atmosphere Productions: Before or After Dinner: Your First Dance

Traditionally, the First Dance kicks off the dancing portion of the reception. So, if you're working on your wedding reception timeline, you may be wondering when you should this.  Should it be later in the evening, after dinner or earlier, after introductions. At ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS most of our couples are encouraged to do the First Dance right after the formal introductions of the Bridal Party and the Bride and Groom.  Why?  Well we think EVERYONE looks great at this point in the evening.  The Bridal Party has taken time to fix their flowers or ties and, of course, the Bride and Groom look perfect! What's nice about this option is that the formal introductions create great energy and buzz in the room, and that momentum is sustained throughout the First Dance. This way, at least in New England... "the Land of Steady Habits", the dining portion of the evening has a more leisurely, relaxed pace. Once everyone is done eating, we normally take care of t