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Atmosphere Productions: Wedding Mistakes You Can Avoid

Here’s a story for you - the names have been changed to protect the innocent: Susan and Mark had always wanted a unique location for their wedding reception.  They found the perfect wedding location near the couple’s home overlooking the Connecticut River Valley.  The view was magnificent, the garden area was beautiful and reception area, with the view, was tented.... what more could you ask for with a June wedding!! The deposit was paid; the entertainment, the caterer and photographer all where reserved for the day.  Then they started looking at churches… The churches in the area would not agree to marry them because they weren’t members.  The one church that could was already booked on their date. The only available place that an officiant could use was a old school house with air conditioning.  It seemed as if the facility grounds would have to serve as Ceremony location. Their parents were outraged that Susan & Mark weren’t getting married in a Catholic church.  The cou