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What Do They Have To Say About Hiring A Professional?

The following quotes are excerpts from an article published by Mobile Beat Magazine - a national trade publication about the importance of hiring a professional entertainer for your event: "We paid $1,200 for an ice sculpture and had a family friend DJ our wedding.  The ice sculpture eventually melted and our so-called friend never showed up.  Had it not been for a DJ wrapping up a party in the adjacent room (who we hired on the spot), we would have had no music at all!" "We had a friend-of-a-friend DJ our wedding for $250.  He was late and had equipment problems.  In hindsight, we should have done the same thing we did with our photographer and caterer - hire a professional!" "My cousin was supposed to DJ at my wedding.  I think he would have done a great job if he hadn't &qu

Philip & Britany - Sept. 18th

Philip and Britany's unique wedding celebration brought us to the very unique Mystic Arts Center in Mystic, Connecticut.  This was my first visit to this venue.....even though Mystic is a frequent family destination of ours, during the summer months, for a stroll along quaint village streets lined with unique galleries, antique stores, boutiques, Mystic Seaport and pizza at the legendary Mystic Pizza - where Julia Roberts got her start in the 1988 movie of the same name. The Mystic Arts Center is located in the middle of the historic district on the banks of the Mystic River and features some impressive works of art in the art gallery, high ceilings and an attached terrace and garden area overlooking the river.  Philip and Britany's guests mingled in this area during Cocktail Hour with live music from a local musician.  Catering was tastefully provided by Coastal Gourmet . U2's "Beautiful Day" welcomed our Bride & Groom into the packed art gallery and d