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Preparing Your Guest List

Weddings have become a bit more complicated these days and narrowing down the guest list will be one of your most challenging and important wedding tasks. The size of your guest list will greatly affect your overall wedding expenses. It’s a rare bride and groom who don’t have to edit their original list, whether dealing with 30 or 300 guests. Most likely, you, your fiancĂ©, and both families will be contributing names to the list, and each party will have their own ideas about who is necessary and who is not. Be forewarned, if more than one person controls the guest list, things can get stressful. Preparing the list and keeping all family members happy, requires diplomacy and tact. To help, try these list-cutting strategies: Start by setting a goal for your list size. Base this on your budget, on space limitations or both. Have everyone involved submit a list of the people they’d like to attend. From the top, they should rank the names in order of importance. Then, cross off any