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Wedding Cake Alternative - A Donut Wall

Wedding Cake Alternative – A Donut Wall.      What is a donut wall?  If you’ve been on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve already seen this. A donut wall is dessert lovers delight … and one of my favorite new wedding trends.   Basically, a donut wall is a frame or board with dowels inserted in a grid formation used to hang deliciously colorful donuts.  It’s sideshow to your wedding cake or a complete alternative.     A donut wall can themed or just used for displaying late night snacks. Use sticky doughnuts or plain donuts and let the background (wall) be a colorful backdrop.   Your donut wall can create the perfect backdrop to a dessert station and displays your sweets in a beautiful way on your big day. Tips and Suggestions Set extra donuts on a tiered cake dish so guests don’t have to remove donuts from your wall until everyone has had a chance to take a photo of it! We added a dozen in assorted flavors and glazes.   Provide take-home bags with the initials of the bride and groom instea