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Atmosphere Productions: 5 More Questions You Should Ask Your Entertainment BEFORE Asking About Price

Most couples have NEVER hired entertainment before and really just don't know what to ask.  That's why we created this page.  T here could be some big, unpleasant surprises on your special day, if you don’t know the right questions to ask before getting to price. In our opinion, any DJ that quotes blindly isn't really paying attention to the details of your event. ATMOSPHERE PRODUCTIONS is not selling you a "CHEAP PRICE" or offering "AVERAGE" service for the "AVERAGE" price. We ARE offering excellent, quality service with a unique approach and our complete commitment to your event. Some of the most important questions are asked here.... BEFORE you ask about price ask these simple questions:    Do You Have Our Date And Time Available? Even if this is an obvious question, many couples forget to ask about availability.  Popular dates in May, June, September and October fill up very