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Wedding Responsibilities - The Parents.... What You Need To Know.

Wedding Responsibilities – The Parents…. What You Need To Know. It’s time you had that long awaiting chat with your Parents and discuss their wedding responsibilities for your special day. THE BRIDE’S PARENTS Being involved in the planning for a wedding, of any size, is a major undertaking. Therefore. as the Parents of the Bride, you are probably faced with a multitude of emotions as your daughter shares her engagement status with you and undertakes a rite of passage. It is important to begin discussions immediately with your daughter regarding the size of the wedding, who will pay for what, and other details. This will include discussions with your future son-in-law and his family as well. It may be hard to allow your daughter to do the planning. Therefore, it’s only natural that you’ll want to have input into the process, especially if you’ll be paying part or all of the expenses. Nevertheless, remember it’s going to be HER special day! In today’s economy, it’s not always assumed