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Wedding Responsibilities - The Bride & Groom..... What You Need To Know

Wedding Responsibilities – The Bride & Groom…. What You Need To Know.   It’s time to gather everyone together and discuss the wedding responsibilities for your special day.  This series will review who needs to do what and when. THE BRIDE You’re the star today and all eyes will be focused on you. No matter how modern or liberated, when the  average woman marries, there is a bit of “Cinderella” about her.  You will probably be no exception. But a wedding is not all magic. Therefore, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure that the wedding day actually happens as planned. Start out by being organized and stay that way. Call on reliable family and friends to help and delegate as much as you can. Hiring professionals whenever possible will help provide you with competent support people for your plans. If you remain happy, serene and confident that mood will transfer itself to the people you are dealing with who will then be pleasant and cooperative. This will ensure a smooth