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Site Inspection: Meadowbrook Estate, Marlborough, CT

Site Inspection: Meadowbrook Estate, Marlborough, CT. Meadowbrook Estate in Marlborough is a shining gem of a wedding facility. To begin with, it’s beautifully renovated and is a full service event venue. Are you the couple looking for a unique and elegant wedding venue? Looking for a wedding venue between Boston and New York City? Then, Meadowbrook Estate is a perfect location. By the way, it’s in the rural countryside of Marlborough, Connecticut. Recently, I met with Marybeth, along with her husband, who are the owners of Meadowbrook Estate. In short, they expressed their commitment to customer satisfaction. Especially, providing quality amenities, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service.  Meadowbrook Estate is a 10,000 square foot estate with 23 rooms. In particularly, you must see the Italian-inspired suites with marble or Etruscan tiled spa baths. Weddings The private Bridal Suite includes a luxurious bedroom, spacious bridal party preparation area, and relaxing