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More Questions To Ask Before Asking About Price

Most couples have NEVER hired entertainment before and really just don't know what else to ask. T here could be some big, unpleasant surprises on your special day, if you don’t know the right questions to ask before getting to price. Some of the most important questions are asked here.... BEFORE you ask about price ask these simple questions:     What is your DJ style?  Does the DJ work in a nightclub? Does the DJ work on the radio?  Do they just specialize in weddings? This is an important question.  Most wedding DJ's could work on the radio or in a nightclub BUT most nightclub or radio DJ's cannot handle the nuances of a wedding reception.  Are you a member of professional entertainment association?  Although not a disqualifying factor membership in a professional organization means that the DJ is serious about the profession and passes various qualifications. How long has the disc jockey company been in business ?  Experience on your special day is priceless.  A