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Hiring Your Wedding DJ: Using Price Alone As A Deciding Factor

Wow! this is a biggie.  Of course, as a consumer you can always find a cheaper price…. but should you? Elisa & Darren Hobbs – Waterford, CT “My now wife and I had set an unrealistic budget for a DJ, so we were in two minds as to whether to spend what we did, but we are so very glad that we did! You were much more than just a DJ for us – taking us through things and reassuring us ahead of time and then, on the big day, bringing everything together so professionally from the first minute to the last. What we ended up with was the foundation to the whole event. Thank you!” Price is a factor when hiring your DJ, but don’t let it be the single deciding factor. Is the highest priced performer always the best? Not necessarily, but on the other hand, hiring the least expensive entertainer is rarely the way to go either.  Inexperienced brides often mistakenly think of DJs as a “dime a dozen”, or a commodity. The fact is that each DJ entertainer is unique. Like every profession, there are so