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Hiring Your Wedding DJ: Costly Misconception #6

USING PRICE ALONE AS A DECIDING FACTOR Wow! this is a biggie. Of course, price is a factor when hiring your DJ, but don’t let it be the single deciding factor. Is the highest priced performer always the best? Not necessarily, but on the other hand, hiring the least expensive entertainer is rarely the way to go either.  Inexperienced brides often mistakenly think of DJs as a “dime a dozen”, or a commodity. The fact is that each DJ entertainer is unique. Like every profession, there are some who are great, others mediocre, and other who should never be allowed to perform! You need to decide on the performer that is most qualified to perform your reception, that you are comfortable with (since the DJ will be representing you and your family), and that has the proper experience and credentials. Understand that DJs should not be hired by price alone and BEWARE of “suspiciously cheap” DJs, there may be a reason for it. Instead, decide on a price range that you can afford, chec

Atmosphere Productions: Journey Wedding Brooms by Shannon Grayson

If there is one thing Shannon Grayson knows, it is weddings. As an accredited wedding decor designer this Brooklyn, New York, based, self-taught designer founded Journey Wedding Brooms after noticing a void of radiant, high-end product. She prides herself on filling it with chic, imaginative, impeccable designs bursting with vibrant colors and texture. If it looks like luxury, you know it’s a Journey broom! Weddings are all about individualized elements that create a one of a kind experience. Your wedding broom is a symbol of strength, love and loyalty that will forever be a reminder of your new life and commitment. As such, it should be constructed with the choicest of materials. Journey wedding brooms are meticulously handcrafted; adorned with the finest silk, natural touch, preserved flowers and highest quality satin ribbons and organza. Our modern, vintage and afro-centric accents give off a shimmer in the light and sun that is sure to catch the attention of your guests! &