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Atmosphere Productions: 3 Things That Could Go Wrong At Your Wedding That You Need To Know About NOW!

  Of course, when it comes to weddings, it's probably a good idea to be prepared.  Here's 3 tips that we've learned over the years, so that you can stay ahead of any surprises: Your Guests Got Lost Because YOU Gave Them WRONG Directions: This scenario happened to a client of ours over 20 years ago before we had GPS, Yahoo Maps and Google Maps.  Our clients mistakenly, wrote the wrong directions inside the invitations and a bunch of guests got lost.  Today, it hardly seems possible.... but not everyone has GPS, Yahoo Maps or Google Maps.  So, drive the route of your directions to make sure it's correct and landmarks have not changed.  Check with the Town or State Departments of Transportation to see if any roadworks or detours are planned.  Finally, check with the facility owners.  They will typically know if there are any events that are happening around the time of your wedding that may cause havoc for your guests. Not Putting Enough Postage On Those Invitati