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Atmosphere Productions: Anthony's Ocean View: Alyson & Jason

Alyson & Jason's family and friends travelled from across the country to join them in their celebration of marriage at  Anthony's Ocean View  in New Haven, CT. Certified Sign Language Interpreter: Mary Geffert Alyson & Jason's First Dance: Sheriff - When I'm With You Bride and Bride's Father Dance: Leanne Womack - I Hope You Dance/Temptations - My Girl Groom and Groom's Mother Dance: Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World Last Dance: Donna Summer - Last Dance Highlights: Stunning wedding Ceremony on the beach at Anthony's Ocean View and the impromptu fireworks at the end of the evening. Atmosphere Productions LLC  is a CT Wedding DJ, providing professional mobile entertainment service, Music, Reception Entertainment Directors, MC and DJ's primarily for Weddings in the Greater Hartford area but throughout Connecticut, Massachu

Atmosphere Productions: Three Unique Wedding Gifts They'll Love

Sometimes brides and grooms make it easy on their guests by registering for the gifts they want. Some families and cultures have a tradition of giving cash gifts--also easy. The rest of the time, guests are on their own. It's easy to choose a gift. It's hard to choose a great one. Every year there are "trendy" gifts, and they may be good ones, but they're not the ones that are cherished. (Ask anyone who got married in 1975 and got seven fondue pots). To give a truly memorable gift, one that will make the bride and groom think fondly of you with every use, the key is to focus on your bride and groom and their interests. Here are three unique ideas that make welcome gifts: Memory and Memento:  Ideally, your gift will be something tangible, but also experiential. Put another way, it will give the bride and groom a physical thing they can cherish along with a memory associated with the item. If, for instance, the wedding couple loves Japanese cooking, you cou