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Clinking Of The Glasses.... To Do or Not To Do?

Many of our clients dislike the custom of the Bride and Groom being ‘forced’ to kiss whenever glasses are clinked together. Some find it offensive. I know, from personal experience, that many of the guests like it and won’t understand why the Bride and Groom don’t want to “follow through” and KISS! So the question is often asked “What can I do that’ll satisfy my guests and make me comfortable?” “Clinking” of glasses may have originated from the medieval days when wine was often spiked with poison. If a host wanted to prove to their guests that the wine wasn’t poisoned, he would pour part of the guest’s wine into his own glass and drink it first. If the guest trusted his host, he would just clink glasses when the host offered his glass for a sample. (Hence the clinking of glasses has become a sign of trust, honesty, and toast to good health.) Another explanation claims that the practice warded off evil spirits. If your guests start clinking the glasses, don’t panic…. we have many