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Atmosphere Productions: The picture is perfect in your head by Heidi Hanson

The picture is perfect in your head. You stand with your bridesmaids waiting to marry the man of your dreams. The bridesmaids are all identical in height, hairstyle, dresses, shoes, and jewelry…until you get together with your girls and realize that your sister is 5 feet tall, your bff is a tall redhead, and you college roommate is a buxom blonde. Time for a little out of the box thinking! Mix it up: Not all styles and colors are flattering for every woman so consider offering your girls options. Many designers have numerous styles in the same color or the same dress in different hues that can complement any color palette. Consider the body styles of your party, strapless and form fitting is not the best choice for everyone, so be sure to pick a style or styles that flatter everyone. Cloning? You may think that that you need to have your bridal party with the same hairstyle, jewelry, shoes, and makeup remember that while you want them to stand up and look pretty, you asked