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5 Important Ceremony Questions Answered By Rev. Dr. Henderson

  Selecting your Officiant for wedding ceremony is one of the most difficult tasks that most prospective Bride and Grooms need to do before their wedding day. We recommend just a few Officiant's with whom we've worked with before.  Not all Officiants understand the concept of public speaking, working with sound equipment and other vendors, to make the Bride and Grooms ceremony something unique and special. In a first of our series of interviews with Officiants, we asked Rev. Dr. Robert Henderson some important questions: 1) Do we have a choice between a standard ceremony and a ceremony that we collaborate with you in creating? "I believe the wedding ceremony belongs to the bride and groom. It is fine if they prefer not to be involved in deciding on their ceremony; although I prefer to collaborate with the couple in creating a personal and unique ceremony that reflects who they are." 2) How long do you believe a ceremony should last? "I do not bel