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Event Back Drops - What Are They and Why You Need One

Event Back Drops – What Are They and Why You Need One by Elli Brenner of Autumn Hills Designs   Having event back drops is just one way to make that special & unique wedding day.  Event back drops “Set A Scene” give it personality, YOUR personality. Well, of course we all want to have the best Wedding ever, and these days, that means many things, right? Everyone has certain priorities when it comes to their wedding, weather it be the finest photographer in the tri-state area, food that is to die for, a DJ that will have everyone on the dancefloor non-stop or the most decadent cake on the planet! The point is, it takes many small pieces coming together to create the best Wedding ever, and of course, that “Best Wedding Ever” is going to be yours! And one way to make it special and uniquely yours is to “Set A Scene”, ergo, give it personality, specifically, YOUR personality.   Setting The Scene These days, we’re getting married in all kinds of places. In your back yard, in a barn, on