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Hiring Your Wedding DJ: Thinking All Weddings Are The Same

All DJ’s are the same, right? So any DJ will do, right? WRONG…. No two wedding receptions should be alike. Your reception represent the first time you and your spouse are throwing a gathering as husband and wife. It should be an extension of your personality and style. A big mistake is allowing an entertainer to do their usual “schtick”, making your day a carbon copy of every other wedding for the year. How are you sure the DJ will make your day unique? Simply see if he or she asks you what you are looking for. Be wary of the DJ that just touts his music list, equipment, and achievements. See if they ask you what you are looking for, first, and then offer you the right solutions to make your day special. Read all  “7 Costly Misconceptions About Hiring Wedding Disc Jockey’s” Used by permission: Mark Sanchez of  Professional Mobile Entertainment , Phoenix, Arizona. Atmosphere Productions LLC is a CT Wedding DJ, providing professional mobile entertainment service, Music, Rec