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How To Write A Wedding Speech - 6 Tips to Write A Wedding Speech

How To Write A Wedding Speech – 6 Tips to Write A Wedding Speech By Huyen Truong   Giving a wedding speech or wedding toast is hard to do. Sometimes the hardest part is writing your wedding speech. Where do you start? What do you say in your wedding toast? How do you write a best mans speech? How do you write a maid of honour speech? Check out 6 tips to writing an amazing wedding speech.   1) Play to your strengths. Don’t think the pressure is on to be someone you’re not – are you funny? Great, everyone loves to laugh. Don’t feel you HAVE to be funny. If your strength is the emotional stuff, don’t try to leave the audience rolling on the floor – tug at their heartstrings. People get way too nervous about giving a speech – but you don’t have to if you keep it simple, and keep it real!   2) Start with a story. No one wants a lengthy introduction – A story starts off with a bang. It draws your audience in and gets them engaged. Plus,they’re more natural! You won’t have to rehearse it, all

Blowing Your Wedding Budget? Here's 7 Unexpected Costs You Didn't Plan On

Blowing Your Wedding Budget? Here’s 7 Unexpected Costs You Didn’t Plan On.     Those unexpected costs are the trickiest part of planning your wedding budget and sticking to it.  Just when you thought you’d figured everything out, here comes another unexpected cost…  What to do?   Here are the top items that most couples overlook:   Alterations This is the NO 1 item most Brides forget to plan for and become unexpected costs. Depending on the style you choose, alterations can add up to a few hundred dollars extra.   Overtime Make sure you’re prepared for the additional time and the staff’s overtime costs. If your venue allows overtime, check the contract for possible addition fees, they could be steep if not planned in advance. Of course, you should get it in writing.  Also, check with your other vendors, especially entertainment. If everyone is having a great time you might want to keep the party going but you don’t want to blow your budget.   Sound Large spaces require lots of speakers