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Wedding Responsibilities - The Best Man.... What You Need To Know.

Wedding Responsibilities – The Best Man…. What You Need To Know. It’s time you had a chat with your Best Man and discuss the wedding responsibilities for your special day. Why? Because the Best Man has many duties to perform on the day of the wedding. THE BEST MAN Prior to the wedding he will have been busy with formal wear fittings, helping the Groom with some responsibilities. Furthermore, the Best Man will be coordinating the rest of the groomsmen and ushers. He will likely have planned the bachelor party or at least been involved in its planning and successful execution. The Best Man is most often your brother or best friend. Likewise, it can be a close relative or friend. In some instances, the Groom’s father, or, in the case of a second marriage, his son. Due to the responsibilities of this position. It is important for the Groom to select someone dependable. BEFORE THE WEDDING DAY Organizes or helps organize the stag party Attends any pre-nuptial parties in the couple’s hono