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Getting Married in Connecticut? Here's What You Need To Know

The marriage license is an important part of the process of entering into a marriage. It indicates to the officiant that the two parties may legally marry. In order to marry in Connecticut, both parties must be over 18, apply and appear in person with a government issued photo identification at the town or city office responsible for Marriage licenses where the ceremony will take place.  Same-sex marriages are legal in Connecticut. The application process takes approximately 15 minutes depending on the time of year and town or city office. The Marriage license fee is thirty dollars ($30.00 cash is best) and is valid for 65 days. There is no waiting period or blood test required. Typical information required: Date and Location of the Marriage Name and contact information of your wedding officiant Full Legal Name, address, and telephone number for the bride and groom Social Security Numbers Parents’ names and places of birth (including mothers’ maiden names) If thi