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Your DJ Should Do More Than Just Play Music And Make Announcements

A professional DJ will act as both Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies, or MC. Your MC will coordinate all the behind the scene details for you, guide you through every aspect of your wedding reception and will be, in essence, your wedding coordinator that day. Your banquet facility contact will be responsible for organizing the meal and clean up, but that is typically where their role ends and where your professional DJ will take over. Your DJ will make sure that your bridal party and parents know where to be, where to go, and what to do. They will line everyone up for introductions and will make your event flow smoothly from one event to the next. They will sense the energy level of the party and will react to keep things upbeat and festive and in tune to the directions that you have given them as to the feel that you want at your wedding, whether it be low-key or high energy interaction. Contact Atmosphere Productions who will guide you through your event

Reception Tip - Sound Level

On the day of your reception we would like to make the musical experience as enjoyable as possible for as many of your guests as possible. Sometimes, the noise level maybe too high (don't be afraid to ask us to turn it down!) or too low (we'll gladly turn it up!). On other occasions we are placed in the unusual position where the music level CANNOT be turned down. How is this possible? When you complete the floor plan and seating arrangements it is crucial that you consider the location of the DJ system, i.e. speakers, in relation to your guests, i.e. older family members. Atmosphere Productions contract requests that you locate the DJ in "a designated reasonable location adjacent to the dancing area, for speaker location". It is our experience that the best possible sound level can be achieved if the speakers are located on or near where the dancing will occur. Therefore, that's is where the DJ should set up the sound system. WE DO NOT recommend that you