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The Number 1 Reason To Do A First Look by Emma Thurgood.

The Number 1 Reason To Do A First Look by Emma Thurgood . Emma Thurgood is a Connecticut Wedding Photographer based in New Britain, CT. She is this weeks guest blog post. If you’re a newly engaged couple trying to choose your photographer and the amount of time to book with them, you might be asking yourself if you should go with a first look or not.  When the couples I work with are planning their weddings, generally, I try not to have opinions on how they want to do things. After all, it’s their day and it should be representative of who they are. Incorporating a first look is something I do have an opinion on. However, some couples feel very strongly about wanting to save that first glimpse for the ceremony and I will never pressure anyone to change their mind if that’s them. But, if you’re on the fence and need some help deciding which way is the best for you, here is my number one reason you should go with a First Look for the photography on your wedding day. 1. De-Stress Yo