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Wedding Responsibilities - The Maid Of Honor.... What You Need To Know.

Wedding Responsibilities – The Maid Of Honor…. What You Need To Know. It’s time you had a chat with your Maid of Honor and discuss the wedding responsibilities for your special day. Why? Because the Maid of Honor has many duties to perform on the day of the wedding. THE MAIN OF HONOR Traditionally, the Bride’s attendant is called the Maid of Honor if she is a single unmarried woman. Conversely, a married woman is called Matron of Honor. However, if you happen to select a male you may refer to him as your Best Person or Man of Honor. It’s important that you select someone dependable and of legal age to sign the wedding documents. The Maid of Honor may be a sister, a very close friend, a relative such as a cousin, niece or even Mother or daughter of the Bride. Remember, if you pick a Maid of Honor who lives out of town, they may not be able to help with all of the many pre-wedding details. The Maid of Honor traditionally has a dress of a slightly different style or color. In additio