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Wedding Responsibilities - The Ushers.... What You Need To Know.

Wedding Responsibilities – The Ushers… What You Need To Know. The Ushers are a traditional part of the wedding. As a result, The Ushers may be the first people your guests see. THE GROOMSMEN CAN BE USHERS Although being in a wedding party is a lot of fun, there are important responsibilities for the Ushers. Ordinarily the Groomsmen or Groom’s attendants (with the exception of the Best Man) can double as the Ushers. Especially, with a large guest list, it’s a better idea to have at least two full time Ushers. ddition to seating guests, they can look after late arrivals and seat them after the Bride has proceeded up the aisle. BEFORE THE WEDDING DAY Before the wedding day, the Ushers need to be available to help the Groom and Best Man with any related details. Especially, they must be available for formal wear fittings. In addition, the Ushers attend necessary social functions such as the bachelor party, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal party. Remember, if you pick an Ushers who