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Atmosphere Productions: Unique Place Card Idea

Have you searched the web yet for ideas on how to display your wedding reception place cards? Looked at any pictures yet on pinterest? Here's a great idea from our recent clients Laura and Eric. Each guest’s place card was nestled in a bundle of two wine bottle corks, tied with a delicate ribbon - Wine bottle corks lined up like little soldiers.  This idea is sturdier than a single cork with a slit cut along the side. To top it off, behind the place cards are five uncorked bottles each with a single letter, combined spelling AMORÉ ..... Now that's a great idea! Atmosphere Productions LLC  is a CT Wedding DJ, providing professional mobile entertainment service, Music, Reception Entertainment Directors, MC and DJ's primarily for Weddings in the Greater Hartford area but throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and in the New England area. Specializing in wedding disc jockey entertai

Atmosphere Productions: Introducing Justice Of The Peace Deborah O. Stiewing

We recently worked two very different outdoor wedding ceremonies with a wonderful and experienced officiant, Deborah O. Stiewing, J.P: Deborah been a Justice of the Peace since 1981 and has performed more than 1400 ceremonies.  She has a variety of verses prepared however Deborah encourage individual input to create a special celebration for a more memorable wedding, civil union, commitment ceremony or for those who wish to renew their wedding vows.    You will receive the same commitment to your consultation & wedding whether you are having a private ceremony or one that requires a guest list of two…to two-hundred!  Deborah will discuss the type of ceremony you desire, the personal writing of your service, editing and preparing your vows and the addition of a religious blessing if requested.   Deborah will address any concerns that you have and will offer you a variety of pleasant and reliable solutions. For more details, contact Deborah O. Stiew