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Hiring Your Wedding DJ: Auditioning At Another Bride's Wedding

Should you audition your DJ at another Brides wedding? Auditioning a DJ at another bride’s wedding has been a controversial subject. I will put it in a logical perspective here, and give you the real scoop. Simply ask yourself if you would want strangers walking into your reception (often in street clothes) for the purpose of seeing one of your vendors? It is not the proper time or place to audition a DJ. There are several reasons why it is not even useful for anyone involved. First, it is an obviously uncomfortable position for both the wedding party and the visiting party. Uninvited guests stand out like a sore thumb, and are an un-welcomed distraction. Second, unless the prospect sees the entire reception, they don’t get any value out of the visit. Also, they are seeing someone else’s unique wedding, and unless the DJ is of the “cookie-cutter” variety, the prospect again will get no value without knowing what is unique. Third and most importantly, it creates “split loy