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Becky & John - July 3rd

Weddings held on or near holidays are always exceptional... New Years Eve, Christmas and July 4th come to mind particularly as singular events where the Bride & Groom, and invited guests, are determined to have fun.... no matter what! And so it was with Becky and John, who arrived at The Farmington Club ready to have a good time.  They took our advise and joined in a portion of the Cocktail Hour to meet and great guests - this alone saved a great deal of time later in the evening for the Bride and Groom to dance. After traditional introductions, we coordinated carefully with Steve from the Farmington Club, Leo & Liz Herbert from Angel Moon Photography & Craig from Classic Video Productions so that Becky and John could have family and group pictures outside with the evening light.  Atmosphere Productions facilitates complete coordination with photographers, venue and Bride and Groom, since we are not "just the DJ".  We make sure that everything runs smoothl