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The Secret Life Of A Wedding Photographer

It was only recently, whilst speaking with an old friend, that the conversation turned to how lucky I was to only have to work one or two days a week.  My friend made the assumption that the rest of the week I sat around and ate Bon-Bon's like Peg from "Married With Children". You know what happens when you assume..... Perception is "someone's" reality... certainly not mine:  16-20 hours of planning, preparing and performing at each function, meetings with prospective clients and current clients, answering endless emails and phone calls, purchasing and preparing equipment & vehicles, advertising and marketing the business, website, blog and Facebook updates, office work and not to mention learning how to use software, attending bridal shows, trade shows and uncompensated events we do throughout the year..... Hardly anytime left for a personal life! So-called leading wedding publications perpetuate these myths by writing ridiculously inaccurate articl

Carter & Dan - August 14th

It's been awhile since we ventured up to A Villa Louisa , on the hilltop overlooking Bolton, Connecticut.  Formally, known as Vito's Birch Mountain Inn, this was a most frequented eatery and banquet facility spot some twenty years ago, with owner Tony welcoming you with a broad smile and maybe a hearty laugh.  In recent years, Claudia was that welcoming smile plus her distinctive style of running around making sure everything was just right. As the saying goes everything must change.  A Villa Louisa have new owners and is now Tastebud's At Birch Mountain.  Lana and her staff have taken over the role of welcoming guests to the new banquet facility.  We wish a happy retirement to Tony and his family. So, Carter and Dan chose this location for beauty and they were not disappointed on this summer morning with bright sunshine and low humidity.... a perfect day for an outdoor wedding ceremony.  Atmosphere Productions provided an outdoor ceremony sound system in the landscaped