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Atmosphere Productions: Interesting Introduction Ideas

Atmosphere Productions have a wealth of suggestions and ideas for your introductions.... and we are always open to new ideas. Here are some options: Traditional Introductions: Include announcements of Grandparents, Parents and the entire Bridal Party. Typically one piece of music for the Bridal Party and a different piece for the Bride & Groom. Custom Introductions: Include announcements of Grandparents, Parents. The Bridal Party Bridesmaids & Ushers get different custom edit song for each couple and a different piece of music for the Bride & Groom. Our website has a sample of a  Custom Introduction . Love Story Introduction: You get the chance to tell your guests how you met.  A short story just prior to your introduction with appropriate background music. Formal Bridal Party Introduction: Just an introduction of the Bridal Party and Bride & Groom. Either one piece of music for both or two different pieces of music. Casual Bridal Party Introduction: Introd

Atmosphere Productions: Presenting Mark DiChiara from Gateway Limousines

I am the president and owner of Gateway Limousines and the first and most important thing I would like to share with you about our company is our reputation for outstanding customer service. Please visit and see what our recent wedding clients have written about their experience with Gateway, I think you will be really impressed. The reality is that every vendor will make you promises, and tell you how great their services are. We choose to let our clients speak for us.  This is why we not only have the most reviews of any transportation provider in Connecticut we also have the best reviews. Simply put we feel we are the best choice that you can make for your wedding transportation, but not because we say so, it is because this is what our clients have said repeatedly with their numerous five star reviews. These positive reviews have earned us the distinction of earning the coveted BRIDE'S CHOICE AWARD  for FOUR CONSECUTIVE YEARS. Yo