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Atmosphere Productions: Nicole & Jeremy - August 6th

Sometimes the stars align perfectly .....and just about everything works just the way they should.  It's times like these that makes me do what I do and it really doesn't feel like "work". Nicole and Jeremy became the beneficiary of this good fortune by selecting Fran from Fran Gagnon Films , Carrie from Carrie Draghi Photography and Michelle Ley Catering Manager from the Hartford Downtown Marriott . We often stress to our prospective Bride & Grooms that selecting the right combination of vendors is a crucial element of creating an unforgettable wedding reception.  Nicole and Jeremy, understood that the DJ, Photographer and Videographer need to work as a team... and because we have worked together on numerous past events, we work well as a team for the benefit of the Bride and Groom. Atmosphere Productions works well with all wedding professional.  With Fran from Fran Gagnon Films, we raise the bar by providing our Sennheiser wireless feed directly to his c