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MJ Decorations - A Wedding Decorations Company.

MJ Decorations – A Wedding Decorations Company . Wedding decorations with a unique touch is what Mary from MJ Decorations is all about. Incidentally, we’ve worked with MJ Decorations on numerous occasions and have always admired Mary’s work. MJ Decorations is a specialty wedding decorations company. Featuring ceiling draping, lighted hanging lanterns and dance canopies. Furthermore, wedding items like backdrops, lighting, table decor and centerpieces are readily available. Plus, ceremony arches, gazebos and ceremony canopies, also, linens, chair covers and sashes. As a result, MJ Decorations, can provide most any decor for your special day! TRANSFORMING YOUR WEDDING DAY This wedding decorations company specializes in transforming plain venues. For example, reshaping public halls, lodges and tents into your vision of the perfect wedding location. Consequently, from theme weddings to more traditional wedding looks, just bring your pictures and ideas, and MJ Decorations will bring