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5 Suggestions On How To Make Your Facility More Vendor Friendly

Let’s be serious. There are facilities that we love to play at and others that we tend to cringe when we realize where we are going. It’s not that we would refuse to work at certain facilities, but it would be nice if everyone worked together just a bit more for the sake of the client.  Here are some things to think about when looking around your facility to see if you are vendor friendly: Risers—risers may be nice for a band, but as DJ’s, it’s just one more obstacle that we need to pick up our gear and place on top. A simple banquet table (6 or 8’ skirted) is all we ask for.                      Loading/Unloading—do you have an area where the DJ needs to come in? Is it clear and are the hallways wide enough for us to roll in our gear? Stairs and curbs are a DJ’s worst enemy. Most of our gear is either designed with wheels or to go on a cart with wheels. Some DJ companies even charge an extra fee for facilities with stairs or inconvenient access. The Meal—we don’t expe