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Melissa & Michael - August 28th

Despite Tropical Depression DANNY casting a rainy shadow on today's event, Michael & Melissa seemed to take everything in stride. Maybe it was because they had the foresight to have quality professionals like The Bond Ballroom , Brian Ambrose Photography and Atmosphere Productions handling every aspect of the reception. The Bond Ballroom is another facility that is a firm favorite of ours. With a downtown urban location overlooking Bushnell Park from the 11th Floor and a classic elegant interior decor with a 12th Floor balcony, it truly is a breathtaking. Elli and the staff, as usual, do an outstanding job making sure everything is just right. Brian Ambrose Photography is a long time friend and associate of ours. Along with being one of our top recommended photographers, Brian & Kate are great to work with and know how to capture the event with flare and style. Michael & Melissa also decided to pick all the songs for the reception. They picked a nice mix for fr