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5 Tips for Showcasing Your Wedding Ring in Your Album

Your fabulous day is finally here! And, all you can think about is creating those special moments for your wedding photo album. Now is your chance to show off the stunning diamond rock that your hubby placed on your finger. Your wedding ring symbolizes the love and long-lasting relationship that you have with each other. It's a very important part of the most important day of your life. 5 Tips for Showcasing Your Wedding Ring in Your Album It can be a challenge capturing your wedding ring photos at the right angle and lighting. Lighting is one of the biggest issues when it comes to photographing jewelry. Here are some tips for taking wedding pictures that show off your diamond wedding ring: Use a well-lit area. You want to start by making sure that the area you choose for taking the photos is well lit. Try to use more than one light source if possible. Use as much natural lighting as possible. Make sure that it's diffused, as opposed to shining directly