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Atmosphere Productions: Julie & Tyler's Testimonial

"Our wedding was a magical evening. It wouldn’t have been such a spectacular night without DJ Sam and Atmosphere Productions there creating an unforgettable experience. The venue looked beautiful with the up lighting, monogram on the dance floor, and dance floor lighting.  Starting off the night at cocktail hour with a pianist recommended by DJ Sam kept our guests entertained and enjoyed his talented fingers at the keys. As our guests were being seated and eating dinner, wonderful tunes played in the background for all to enjoy. DJ Sam really got the party started once the meal ended. All guests were on the dance floor the entire night! Everyone had a fabulous time dancing to a variety of music. We all had a blast taking pictures in the photo booth and love the book provided with all the memories captured! DJ Sam was absolutely wonderful to work with, meeting all our entertainment needs. He is a true professional and an expert in his field. Our wedding wouldn’t have been th

Outdoor Wedding Planning - 7 Important Points To Remember By Albert Lee

You can have the outdoor wedding you've been dreaming of, as long as you are determined to plan the vision into reality. In order for you to help decide what kind of outdoor wedding, here are the important points that you have to remember: 1. Be it in the park, in your own backyard on the beach, the location must accommodate both the ceremony and the reception. 2. An outdoor wedding results to casualness and charm. You can also lessen the costs on flowers since it is already set in the garden anyway. Choose an atmosphere that has an ornamental surrounding. In order for you to come up with the right atmosphere, you must also put into consideration chair decorations, columns, aisle bows, topiaries and the traditional ceremony arch. 3. An advantage of an outdoor wedding is that your guests will find this quite convenient because they do not have to travel from the place where the ceremony was held to where the reception would be conducted. As mentioned before, an outdoor wed

Atmosphere Productions: Trends in Wedding Dresses: 2012

The bride in her gown is the focal point of any wedding. (Admit it: nobody cranes their neck during the Wedding March for a better look at the groom’s tux.) Little girls dream about their wedding dresses before they’re even interested in boys. But when a wedding really looms in your future, how do you choose that one perfect wedding dress? Start by looking at current trends in wedding dresses. For 2012, designers are inspired by sources from Hollywood royalty (think red carpet) to real royalty. One trend you’ll spot in today’s bridal gowns is the use of illusion: sheer fabric that provides coverage while giving the illusion of bareness. Often used at necklines, it’s also found covering the backs and shoulders of gowns that are otherwise cut low in the back.  Speaking of which, designers have tuned in to the fact that brides have their backs turned to their guests a fair amount of the time—during the ceremony, during dances. They’ve made the most of that by adding “back inte